Our ´Made to measure´ service allows you to order SarahNeuhard clothing in your own personal measurements. Choose between existing designs from our collections.


A unique piece of art that is designed and constructed especially for you by your own measurements and vision. Contact us  to begin the process of making your unique garment. Depending on where you are located, one of our consultants will meet with you, take your measurements, as well as listen to your vision and ideas. The Design will be exclusively done by head designer, Veronica Sarah Neuhard.

The design is first developed with you through the process of consultation.
Patterns are then produced for fittings.
Designing involves having a conversation (either in person, via phone, or email) with you about your inspirations, from there, we will develop sketches to help you visualise our ideas.
We will then assist you in choosing the appropriate fabrics, laces, and embellishments of colour, texture, and weave that best suit your style.
Only when we have ensured that the design and fit are correct, will we start the production of the garment.


Have an exclusive SarahNeuhard wedding dress custom made and designed personally by head designer, Veronica Sarah Neuhard. Please schedule an appointment with us at least 3 months prior to your wedding day for on time delivery.